Advantages of Twin Screw Barrel for Extrusion


There are many types of twin-screw extruders, which can […]

There are many types of twin-screw extruders, which can be classified from different angles, such as meshing or not. Whether the two screws are open or closed in the meshing area, the rotation directions of the two screws are the same direction or the opposite direction, and the screw is a cylinder. The shape is still tapered, or the two screw axes are parallel or intersected, and the like.

The twin-screw extruder is a material-feeding device; the feed rate is determined by the metering equipment. It can be solid.

When making masterbatch, it is often necessary to change the color. If it is necessary to replace the product, open the open processing area in a few minutes, and also analyze the mixing process by observing the melt profile on the entire screw. At present, the conventional twin-screw extruder needs to use a large amount of cleaning materials to clean the machine when replacing the color, which is time consuming, expensive, and wastes raw materials. The split-type twin-screw extruder can solve this problem. When the color is changed, the barrel can be quickly opened and manually cleaned in a few minutes, so that the cleaning material can be used or not, which saves the cost.

Single-screw extruder service provider experts say that in the maintenance of equipment, ordinary twin-screw extruders often have to first remove the heating and cooling system, and then withdraw the screw. The split-type twin-screw is not used. Just loosen a few bolts and turn the worm gear handle to raise the upper half of the barrel to open the entire barrel and then perform maintenance.

At present, the development trend of the twin-screw extruder in the world is to develop toward high torque, high speed and low energy consumption, and the effect brought by high speed is high productivity. The split-type twin-screw extruder belongs to this category and its speed can be increased by 500 rpm. Therefore, it has unique advantages in processing high viscosity and heat sensitive materials.