Several measures to block the lubricating oil pipeline of the screw machine


        Due to the nature of the work, the moving screw […]

        Due to the nature of the work, the moving screw machine can not get the working environment like other air compressors, the conditions are relatively harsh, and the impurities in the surrounding air are relatively large. Under such conditions, maintenance and cleaning cycles are shorter and more prone to failure. Blockage of lubricating oil pipes is one of the frequent failures.

       Once the lubricating oil pipe of the moving screw machine is blocked, the light supply will not be timely, which will cause the parts to wear out due to poor lubrication. Seriously, even a production safety accident will occur, and the consequences are very serious. Therefore, in the actual use process, in order to avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, we summarized the following precautions:

        1. Regularly clean the lubricating oil pipeline (generally divided into three steps: alkaline washing, water washing and wiping), and try to keep the cleanliness of the pipeline;

        2. When bending the pipe, use the manifold tool to cold bend or oxyacetylene flame to heat the bend. Pay attention to prevent the flatness or the metal from overheating and deforming;

        3. When the oil pipe is not long enough and needs to be long, it should be fitted with a live joint or welded by a casing to avoid slag or molten metal blocking the pipe;

        4, oiler and stuffing box, before the cylinder oil supply point is connected, the oil should be started, check the oil condition and cleaning at each oil supply point, until after cleaning, then officially connect the joint;

        5. After the tubing and oiler are assembled, the strength test of the system should be carried out. The experimental pressure is 1.5 times of the operating pressure. When oil leakage or rupture is found, it should be repaired or replaced.

        Finally, I remind you once again that the nature of the mobile screw machine determines that the working environment is generally in some areas such as the harsh environment and the transportation is not necessarily developed. Therefore, it is not only easy to malfunction, but also relatively easy to repair once it fails. Trouble, so we must pay more attention when using, try to avoid the occurrence of failure.