Injection molding machine screw is used for different special materials


For plastics that are generally free of flame retardant […]

For plastics that are generally free of flame retardants, they can be processed using ordinary general-purpose screws, and only different diameters may be selected according to different melt viscosities. If it is a special plastic (PC, PMMA, PA, LCP, PES, PET, PVC, CA, CP, thermosetting plastic, etc.), special products (transparent optical lens, liquid crystal display panel - light guide plate, preform, gear Plastic, halogen-free products with special particle shapes (powder, flakes) must use a dedicated Jinyang screw. The general-purpose screw is superior to a special screw in terms of plasticization and power consumption for a certain type of plastic. The following are the special screws manufactured by various special products and special needs.

PC special screw

PC is a high-viscosity non-crystalline plastic with poor fluidity. It is easily degraded by heat for a long time. It has large feeding torque, is difficult to melt, and is easy to stagnate. It requires high material temperature and high pressure injection. The temperature adjustment range is narrow and the process is not as good as PMMA.
The screw is fully hardened by imported powder alloy (all alloy) or imported high alloy steel, which can withstand high temperature, high torque, high pressure impact, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, smooth and non-porous to reduce surface adhesion and degradation, detail The structure is carefully treated, the glue is effectively prevented, the low shear design is designed, and the heat is small. Generally take small and medium diameter, forming PC ABS + PC, PP-R, flame retardant ABS and other effects. It can also be used to form general plastics and PMMA common products.
Jinyang Company cooperates with the industry's ultra-thin precision molding. The transparent lens type needs to optimize the design of the screw parameters. At the same time, it provides large and small screw diameter, long and short, and increases the injection pressure to 3000Kgf/cm or more. Restore the original shape) Jinyang screw.

PMMA special screw

PMMA is a high-viscosity non-crystalline plastic. The toughness of the material is strong, it is difficult to melt, easy to stagnate, shear sensitive and easy to degrade, and the fluidity is slightly poor. It must be injected with high temperature and high pressure, and the temperature adjustment range is wide. Good process.
The screw compression is relatively large, and it is fully hardened by imported high-alloy steel. It can withstand high torque and high pressure impact. The surface is plated with hard chrome to reduce surface adhesion and degradation. The plasticization uniform effect is good, the color mixing is good, and the low shear design has low heat. The degradation rate is low. Generally take the intermediate diameter, forming PMMA, PP-R, PC, ABS and other effects.