Plastic extrusion screw design principle


Plastic extruders play a very important role in the pro […]

Plastic extruders play a very important role in the production of plastic products. Many plastic products are produced by plastic extruders. So what is the mechanical principle of a plastic extruder? How is it produced? The plastic extruder is produced by extruding plastic products through plastic granules which pass through the feeding system of the extruder into the barrel of the plastic extruder. Before we run the plastic extruder, we need to heat the barrel of the plastic extruder. When the temperature rises to the value we set, we can run the equipment. In the production process, the pellets in the barrel are mainly processed by the screw of the plastic extruder. The design of the screw is directly related to whether the product can be produced normally.

The screw of a general plastic extruder can be divided into three parts. The first part is the conveying section of the raw material, that is, the plastic pellet is transported from the feeding port to the central stage of the screw, that is, the processing stage of the second stage, this process The temperature of the granules increases with the temperature of the plastic extruder barrel. After the raw material is delivered to the second part of the screw, the thread of the screw is used to cut, knead, compress, etc., and push forward as the screw rotates. The third part of the extruder screw belongs to the metering part, and the plastic raw material is conveyed to the die at the same amount after the processing of the second part, and the production of the product is stably and uniformly extruded. The entire production process requires the provision of equipment power and the support of the transmission system, so the equipment should be properly configured according to the requirements of the screw in the design process.