The difference between the blown film machine screw and the injection molding machine screw


The blown film machine screw, the screw on the feed sec […]

The blown film machine screw, the screw on the feed section, the compression section, the metering section, the length to diameter ratio is less than 1:25 to 1:32. If the PE plasticization requirement is strong, the screw length to diameter ratio is 1:28 or above. The best. PO, PVC is different in the design of the screw. Has the following six characteristics:
1. The long diameter to diameter ratio of the screw is large, the plasticizing ability is strong, the temperature distribution is uniform, the automatic temperature control, and the blown film bright and uniform product has good performance;
2. The rotary head can be configured according to the user's needs;
3. Various forms of curling, which can be arbitrarily selected;
4. Adopt advanced frequency conversion technology to achieve high efficiency and energy saving;
5. The whole machine is compact in structure, stable in operation, single-arm structure, economical and practical, and the traction device is integrated and can be adjusted and lifted automatically;
6. The blown film machine screw adopts zui advanced alloy spraying technology. After precision machining, the hardness is higher, the corrosion resistance is better, and the service life is longer. It is 2~3 times of the life of the nitriding treatment screw.
Injection molding machine screw
Different plastics have great differences in the shape requirements of the plasticizing screw of the injection molding machine because of the difference in the melting speed, the heat absorbed during melting, the melt viscosity, the water absorption rate, and the thermal stability. Even if the same kind of plastic, because of different products, the modifiers and fillers of flame retardants, lubricants, glass fibers, inorganic minerals, etc. added by plastics are different, or the requirements for color mixing and melting homogenization are different. The different particle shapes have different requirements for the screw. For plastics that are generally free of flame retardant, they can be processed using ordinary general-purpose screws. It is only necessary to select different diameter screws (large, medium and small diameters) according to different melt viscosities. If it is a special plastic (PA, PVC, CA, CP, thermosetting plastics, etc.), special products (preforms, optical lenses, colored sunglasses, PP-R pipe joints, liquid crystal display panels, etc.) or special particle shapes For plastics (powder, flake), special screws must be used.